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Sunday, May 29, 2016 : Ma Deuces Guild

Ma Deuces is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Malygos-US that was officially created in Burning Crusade.
Back in the day we had 3000 members, running multiple raids a week and the one thing we are proud of as a guild is that we have many loyal members who have stuck with us from the beginning.
We transferred the guild years ago from Malygos to Nesingwary,
Nesingwary to Stormrage,and Stormage to Zul'jin.
The original Ma Deuces Guild is still in Zul'jin named History of Violence.
You can see our progression by searching each realm individually.
Many of our members took time off from the game and several months ago,
many of us transferred characters back to Malygos and this time we are not leaving.
Our plans for Legion is to build a raid team for progression.
We are currently looking for people who intend to raid in Legion
with similar goals who can attend raids consistently
and meet the expectations of the core raid group.


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